Day pass
15€ / day
Daily access to a desk from 9AM to 6PM.
Hot desk
120€ / month
For those that work anywhere from 9AM to 6PM.
Fixed desk
190€ / month
Join the attic team, you'll have a fixed desk and unlimited meeting room hours.
not available
Flying solo with privacy, meeting room and 24h access.
Hubs a 2
not available
For partners, we have private offices, meeting rooms and 24h access.
Hubs para 4
738 € / month
For teams that need privacy, natural light, meeting rooms and 24h access.
Escritório Virtual
50€ / month
For those that only need to centralize mail and use the meeting room (4h/month).
Meeting room
12€ / hour
For spontaneous meetings with clients or your team. We have space for 6.
Sala de eventos
on request
The space for big meetings, launches, workshops, or whatever you need. Send us your idea.
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