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Coworking in Lisbon

Coworking is the right fit for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, dreamers, makers and nomads that are looking for a space to work everyday or just now and then.

The Lisbon WorkHub is a shared workspace founded in 2015 in one of Marvila's iconic buildings. We work under the same roof and share the same culture and the same love for Lisbon. We know you're thinking about traffic, tourists and caos - but none of that! In Marvila we find the peace of a quiet neighborhood close enough to the city center.



… a great winemaker lived here. Years after, this big space turned into an office, a coworking area, a hub and many more things. Now, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, dreamers, makers, nomads work under the same roof. The house is again filled with people and life.

  • Day pass
  • 15daily
    • Hours: 9AM - 6PM
    • Super fast wi-fi
    • Free parking
    • Daily cleaning
    • Kitchen

  • BOOK
  • Hot desk
  • 120monthly
    • Hours: 9AM - 6PM
    • Super fast wi-fi
    • Free parking
    • Daily cleaning
    • Kitchen

  • BOOK
  • Fixed Desk
  • 190monthly
    • 24h Access
    • Super fast wi-fi
    • Unlimited meeting room hours
    • Mail reception
    • Free parking
    • Daily cleaning
    • Kitchen

  • + INFO

Work at the lounge, on a desk or in an office, find more about our memberships.


Here the internet runs like a beauty. You even have wifi in the garden. It is good internet, "sem espinhas".

Multifunction Printer

Just like it says, it is as you wish, it pulls a MacGyver.


We receive and notify you when your mail arrives. From 9 to 6 here we are.

Always open

We take the 24h seriouly. Each one has it's own schedule. We respect that.


To bathe, or Lisbon would not be the european city with more hours of sun per year. You can also eat outside.

Meeting room

To keep a high level and apearances. We know that we get along if we talk.


Table, cutlery, water, soap, napkins, dishes, glasses, dryer, chairs, fridge, coffee machine e cakes quite frequently.

Bike friendly

Keeping it healthy. Like it, use it and abuse it. There's always room for one more bike.

Train: stop Braço de Prata

Bus: stop Poço do Bispo

Parking: public free


Criada em 2014, a PadelBox é uma jovem empresa que quer fazer a diferença no padel português. Residente no Lisbon WorkHub desde 2017, este é um projeto que nasceu dos jogadores e para os jogadores. “A atividade da nossa empresa está centrada no padel, modalidade desportiva de...

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Entre o edifício Sociedade Abel Pereira da Fonseca – onde estamos inseridos – e o rio Tejo, nasceu o Parque Ribeirinho Oriente, um jardim com uma extensão de 600 metros, junto à Doca do Poço do Bispo.  Este jardim, cuja primeira fase foi inaugurada a...

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Queremos partilhar o que de melhor o Lisbon WorkHub tem: as pessoas. Desta vez entrevistámos a nossa coworker Bárbara Ruano Guimarães, “Consultora de Autoconhecimento, Potencial, Valores e Carreira com uma enorme vontade de Inspirar Escolhas de Sucesso”. – Que tipo de trabalho desenvolves no WorkHub?...

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