O espaço tem tanto valor quanto o tempo


Lisbon is a small city, the need for space is real. Therefore, we decided to face it by opening doors to an area of storage boxes. It will serve everyone who has an extra appetite for space. Be it for storing bicycles, strange collections, a vintage sofa that nobody wants at home (just you), everything that makes sense to keep.
Just a warning ... we do not authorize the storage of people and animals.

Lisbon WorkHub Armazéns
Lisbon WorkHub Armazéns

Small box


With 8m2 it is the smallest we have. But you have enough space to store your company's stock or the accounting file.

120€ / month

Medium box


An intermediate space with 11m2 to store whatever you want. You have 24 hour access through our access control app.

165€ / month

Large box


Square shaped warehouse from 15m2 to store what nobody wants to have in the house. You have 24 hour access through our access control app.

From 200€ / month

Amenities included

Se precisares de receber correio e encomendas, ter um pick up point, ou um espaço para trabalhar de vez em quando, junto aos nossos armazéns encontrarás o nosso espaço de coworking.